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The current focus of the site is fantasy, King Arthur and the myths and legends associated with his life. Here you can find texts on all the major events of King Arthur's life both before he became King Arthur and during his reign. The myths are taken from many sources but mainly from The History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth. At present each event will only be covered briefly but over time these shall be fleshed out more and more.

Our other major current topic is fantasy football. Some people like the online gambling rush that online slots or internet casino sites can bring you. More strategic thinkers may prefer online poker sites and huge poker tournament events for an endurance event lasting the best part of a day. The longest lasting fantasy game challenge that actually declares a winner each year is a football fantasy football league which will keep you engaged for the best part of 9 months of the soccer season.

After much searching our favourite provider for fantasy football is The Telegraph. The Telegraph has 20 years experience of running such a game now and they have a pretty slick operation that offers several cash prizes, some of them pretty large, for many aspects of the league, not just the overall winner.

Many of the more modern tellings of the tail of King Arthur's life story are adaptations of Monmouth's story. Some of them, especially films, only loosely follow the text, while books such as The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley take the main characters and places, building up a whole new mythos around them.

Perhaps the best film made to date, in terms of being based on Monmouth's story, was a film called Excalibur (1981) directed by John Boorman. It begins before King Arthur is born and continues on to describe many of the myths associated with him. Particularly, how influential Merlin was on Arthur before he became king and right up to and past his time of troubles (prompting the search for the holy grail).

It's certainly true that one has to be very enthusiastic about King Arthur and have something of an academic interest in Arthurian myths to be able to read all of The History of the Kings of Britain but it is well worth doing. One must be extremely careful when reading about King Arthur or the Arthurian era because there are huge amounts of over simplification and misinformation regarding Arthur, especially when reading 'pop lit' or watching Hollywood films. Many of these show patriotic versions of what were essentially ideological based myths. The hope with this site is to not suggest that there is on true version of King Arthur's story, but to give a readable version that admits openly where it takes its sources from.

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